High-efficiency HVAC air filters made in North America

Types of MERV Filters

Why you need a better filter

Have you ever sat looking out the window and noticed all the little dust particles floating in the rays of the sun? These particles are about 10 microns, so lightweight they float around from air movement. These particles are dust, mould spores, pet dander and your skin. Did you know skin releases 500 million small particles a day from the average person? All these particles in the air help irritate your eyes, nose, and throat, and worsen asthma symptoms. Airborne viruses come from your breath as moisture which turns into humidity. Viruses attach to the small particles of dust, dander, and skin, and float freely through the air.

Is your filter doing its job?

The average low-cost furnace and HVAC filters are made of paper and do not hold nor restrict these small particles. If they do manage to hold any, it is only because of friction. But as the paper filter gets clogged with larger contaminants, the filter can no longer hold them, and these viruses and particles escape back into the air.

Filters work on negative pressure. In simple words, they work in a vacuum. One cannot force air through them. The fan causes a vacuum which in turn pulls the air through the filter. This is negative pressure. If there is a void in the filter or the surrounding edge seal, the air will go through that. All filter systems work in that manner.

Today with your indoors being closed to either keep the cold out or the cool in, it is vitally important to keep the air as clean as possible. 

Why our filter is the best

The frame that we manufacture is a soft reusable frame, surrounding the screen. It seals around the perimeter of the filter. This is a reusable frame, that with careful handling will last for years.

The filter has three components:

  1. The media is spun polyester. The collection side is white and collects the contaminants.

  2. As the media is manufactured, a medical-grade, non-allergenic and non-toxic tackifier is added that permeates throughout the media. This tackifier contains a substance that destroys any airborne infection including the COVID-19 virus and many others including the common cold and flu viruses. This is 99.5% efficient in 15 seconds. This holds and surrounds the contaminant, which means that regardless of the vacuum, it does not move. The tackifier is guaranteed not to migrate into the air stream.

  3. The downstream side of the filter is coloured and woven finely to efficiently restrict the contaminant.

How our tackifier functions

Our filters stop and hold the viruses, dust, and particles - and not release them. A particle of forest fire smoke is approximately 15-20 microns in size. A normal filter will trap these particles, but the odour will continue through the filter to permeate your indoor air space. Our tackifier surrounds the particle, which traps and removes the odour as well. The only odour you should get is for outdoor ventilation like you get through a kitchen's range hood or an open window.

The Holder

The MERV 11 filter media is soft and light in weight. Therefore, it requires a strong holder with a screen to prevent the media from bulging in the center because of the airflow. When the media bulges, the efficiency is less.

Our filters keep your homes and businesses cleaner.

How to save labour costs, keep your buses clean, and meet NHTSA standards

We produce two types of MERV filters


  • Antimicrobial
  • 94% efficient at 8.37 Microns
  • Composite adhesive destroys 99% of the COVID virus in 15 seconds
  • Certified as MVSS No. 302 compliant which conforms to OEM requirements


  • Antimicrobial
  • 95.5% efficient at 10 microns
  • The adhesive does not migrate into the air stream
  • Certified as MVSS No. 302 compliant which conforms to OEM requirements
  • Proven to function throughout its service life under extreme conditions:
    • 30% gravel roads
    • High carbon areas
    • Obnoxious dust contaminant

Reduce costs

Our innovative envelope design allows just the medium to be replaced during routine maintenance, costing less money and creating less waste. This feature allows for a replacement cost that is a mere fraction of the original purchase price.

We produce true high-performance media, classified as Minimum Efficiency Reporting (MER) Value 8 by independent laboratory testing using ASHRAE 52.2, “Method of Testing General Ventilation Air-Cleaning Devices for Removal Efficiency by Particle Size.”

Micron Size1" Filter®
1.0 24.6%
2.0 63.2%
3.0 74.4%
5.0 80.4%
10.0 86.3%

Chart of Initial Particle Removal Efficiency

Resistance vs Air Flow

  • Certified as MVSS No. 302 compliant which conforms to OEM requirements