High-efficiency HVAC air filters made in North America


Pocket and Bag filters can be used as primary filters for large space requirements. These are ideal as pre-filters for HEPA filters in medical and sterile situations where a higher air volume is required. Pocket and Bag filter sizes are determined by two factors:

  1. Add a Pocket or Bag Filter to an existing intake to reduce negative pressure in the system.
  2. The length of the Bag or Pocket filter determines the amount of filter media required. These filters hold and contain large sized contaminants before they reach the HEPA filter, which extends the life of the HEPA filter.

Our Pocket and Bag Filters come in two efficiencies: MERV 9 and MERV 11. Both destroy the COVID-19 virus: 99.5% of the virus in 15 seconds, 99.9% of the virus in 15 minutes.

We can custom make almost any size of filter in sizes from 2.5” to 72” (6.5 cm to 1.8 m).

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