High-efficiency HVAC air filters made in North America


What is MERV?

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and measures a filter's ability to capture particles. The scale is 1 to 20.

What makes you different from other air filter manufacturers?

We have been custom making high-efficiency HVAC industrial air filters since 1997. We pride ourselves in being a hands-on organization, physically inspecting the filters in operation whenever travel will allow.

Our fleet has a variety of different vehicles, all with different filter sizes. Can you make filters for them?

Yes, all our filters are custom made. Send us the measurements and we will build them.

My business is servicing fleet vehicles. Can I purchase your filters in bulk?

Yes. contact us, and we can talk about your requirements.

How can I order a custom filter?

Send us your measurements and requirements through our form or contact us to discuss your needs.

Will your filters protect against COVID?

Our filters are US government approved. Our MERV 11 destroys 99% of the COVID virus in 15 seconds.

How long will your filters last?

How long a filter will last depends on the prefilter and the quantity of contaminants in the air. The better the prefilter, the longer the air filter lasts. If your vehicles drive in very dusty conditions, or your home is in a very dusty area, the filters may not last as long. It will still block the contaminants.

We have an RFP to supply filters for our fleet of vehicles. How can we get this RFP to you?

Email your RFP to sales@superiorproducts.ca.

We run a large hospital facility with older and newer buildings and a variety of different HVAC systems and filter sizes. Are you able to manufacture filters for them?

Yes, we can. Our filters are custom made to your specifications. Contact us to arrange for your measurements so we can build.

How can we make our filters last longer, or save money on them?

Some filters can be made with a disposable pre-filter. When part of the filter can be taken out and disposed of and another part Installed. This is also easier on the environment, producing less waste.

Plus, it cost money to pay your staff to replace filters. The longer a filter lasts, the less labour costs are involved in replacing it.